Recruitment process

Recruitment process


Here our Talent Acquisition team, take a deep look into each cover letter and CV, taking the time to understand each profile coming through to us in line with what they have applied for, also taking into consideration what other positions might tickle their interest also


1st Interview

We love getting to meet people, and what better way to this than having a 1st interview with a new candidate. Here we look at getting to know about each persons story and experience, whilst asking any questions that may have come up in the Review phase.



Its important for us just as much as you, for us to ensure that you will not only be able to handle your day to day tasks but also that you will thrive in the role. Each task, respective of each role is designed to allow each candidate to highlight their knowledge, applied experience and aptitude.


2nd Interview

Now we’ll review the whole process leading up until this stage, and look at each shortlisted candidate both individually and comparatively with other shortlisted candidates, to establish key points of review and discussion, we’ll meet with you again, cover these and begin discussing final stages



The moment we have all been waiting for! We’re ready to make you an offer to join our growing family. We take everything into consideration through out the whole process, the local market and value we feel you will bring to not only the role but us as a company.

Your development

Your development

Your success not just within our company but as a professional and an individual is something we here at Avento are invested in. Your development with us will be one that is focused not only around your role, but also around where you see yourself and your career going.

In line with our Professional Development program, we identify areas together with each of our employees they would either like to improve, enhance or develop, and formulate a plan tailored to each individual to reach these goals, be it in the form of in house Knowledge Sharing Workshops, Skill Swaps, Accredited training programs or just exposure to different work experience.

We believe in all our employees, and their potential, so if theres a hunger, a need, a want to achieve something, we will work with each employee to get there.